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Adult and Child

Tax Measures for Persons with Disabilities:

This video series is intended to help individuals with a disability, or the people who support them, find the answers to some of the key questions related to tax measures that may apply to them at the link below.

Canada Disability Savings Bonds helps those with disabilities and their families save for their future. Low to modest income earners may receive an additional 1000.00 in a Disability Savings Bond into their RDSP.

  •        Phone: 1.800.622.6232 (TTY @ 1.800.926.9105)

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CHMC)

-Programs and Financial Assistance

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits is for Canadians who have contributed to CPP but cannot work on a regular basis due to a disability.

Compassionate Care Benefits– “ …these benefits may be paid up to a maximum of 6 weeks to a person who has to be absent from work to provide care or support to a gravely ill family member at risk of dying within 26 weeks.”

Emergency Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities/Special Needs

Excise Gas Deduction– persons medically certified as having permanent mobility impairment and cannot safely use public transportation can apply for a refund of part of the federal excise tax on the gasoline that they purchase.

Guardians of Children with behavioral issues who cannot use public transportation can apply for this deduction. Consider children with autism, sensory issues, ADHD, ODD, etc.

GST Exemption-Some of the goods and services used by persons with disabilities are exempt supplies or zero-rated supplies for purposes of the goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST). This means you do not pay GST/HST on these goods and services.

Lost Wallet If you have lost your wallet, make sure that you cancel and replace all of your important cards.

Medical Expense Credit is a deduction used when completing Income Tax forms.

  •        Various items can be used under the “Medical Expense Credit” as eligible expenses.
  •        Some of the items/services include (but not limited to): air conditioners, catheters,
  •        cochlear implants, diapers/disposable briefs, eyeglasses, hearing aids, heart monitors, needles and syringes, and rehabilitative therapy.
  •        Income Tax Information Line: 1.800.267.6999

Persons with Disabilities Online– allows a disabled individual or a guardian of a child with a disability to access assistance in looking for resources. The process is done via an on-line survey which will result in a list of provincial and federal resources. The home page also lists other items which may have links that are pertinent to families, such as sports programs for the disabled.

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)- A registered disability savings plan (RDSP) is a savings plan that is intended to help parents and others save for the long term financial security of a person who is eligible for the disability tax credit (DTC).The federal government will match up to 3,500.00 per year on your RDSP contributions.


Canada Child Tax Benefit

A tax-free monthly payment to assist families with the cost of raising children up to the age of 18 years.

Child Disability Benefit/Credita family may qualify for up to $2,695 per year ($224.58 per month). A qualified practitioner fills completes the appropriate form (T2201) which is the “Disability Tax Credit Certificate”. Qualified practitioners include: medical doctors, optometrists, audiologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, and speech- language pathologists. If the child qualifies for this credit then they will automatically be eligible for the monthly allowance. The benefit is added to the monthly Child Tax Credit or if applicable, the Child Special Allowance which is also paid on a monthly basis.

Canada Child Benefit. Budget 2016 proposes to introduce the Canada Child Benefit, which will replace the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) and the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB). Starting in July 2016, the new Canada Child Benefit will provide a maximum annual benefit of $6,400 per child under the age of six, and $5,400 per child aged 6 through 17. The benefit will be tax-free and paid monthly to eligible families. Canadians already receiving the UCCB or the CCTB do not have to apply for the new benefit.

Children’s Fitness tax credit– You can claim up to a maximum of $500 per child, for eligible fees paid in 2016 for the cost of registration or membership for your or your spouse’s or common-law partner’s child in a prescribed program of physical activity.

Note: The children’s fitness tax credit, including the supplement for children with disabilities, will be eliminated for 2017 and later tax years.

Children with disabilities- If the child is eligible for the disability tax credit and is under 18 years of age at the beginning of the year, an additional amount of $500 can be claimed if a minimum of $100 is paid for registration or membership fees for a prescribed program of physical activity.

Canadian Persons With Disabilities (PWD) Discount Guide: The Ultimate List

Employment Insurance (EI) Special Benefits for Parents of  Critically Ill Children

(PCIC). You can receive Employment Insurance (EI) special benefits for Parents of Critically Ill Children (PCIC) for up to 35 weeks if you have to be absent from work to provide care or support to your critically ill or injured child. If you are unemployed and already receiving EI benefits, you can also apply for the PCIC benefit.

How the Mesothelioma Hope Team Can Help You

Community Resources Centers

A Community Resource Center can provide you with resources, referrals, information and support. They assist individuals and families in accessing resources in their community by providing information and referrals for basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, employment and transportation.

Jacket Racket Calgary

Jacket Racket has been providing clean, gently used winter jackets to Calgary children since 1988. The project runs every year from mid-October to mid-November. Coats, snow pants, hats and mittens are collected, sorted and distributed by a group of dedicated volunteers. The distribution is done through the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic School District. For more information please call (403) 289-8119 or visit:

Children’s Link

Click on the tab “Find Support Services,” and scroll down to ‘Summer Camp.’ The Children’s Link provides fantastic information for families who want to put their child in summer camp.

Calgary’s Child Magazine

This magazine is also available in hard copy throughout the city. It can be found at: recreation centers, community centers, grocery stores and libraries, and other community news stands. They provide many sources of information on summer programs. Also they have following information available at their website mentioned below.

Birthday party guide,bump, baby and toddler guide, class & program guide, education & preschool guide, healthy living guide incl. Resources for families with special needs. Alternative learning guide incl. Home school. Summer camps and program guide.Summer family fun and travel guide. Winter fun and gateway guide.

Accessible and Affordable Housing

City of Calgary affordable housing

Phone: 403-221-9100

Suite 100-1701 Centre St. NW Calgary, AB T2E 8A4

Accessible Housing Calgary

Southern Alberta Co-operative Housing Association

Phone: 403-233-0969

Fax: 403-237-9181

#110, 2526 Battleford Ave SW

Calgary, AB T3E 7J4

Housing and Support Services

CUPS Housing Services offer a variety of services to low income adults and families living in Calgary. Contact Us: 403-717-0922

The Brenda Strafford Centre-Progressive Housing Program

Contact: Box 61141 Kensington PO

Calgary, AB T2N 4S6

Phone: 403-270-7240

Fax: 403-270-7166


Transportation Services

Access Calgary


Calgary HandiBus Association


D.R.E.A.M.S. Transportation Inc.


Driving Miss Daisy

N.E – 403-464-1432



West Jet: One Person One Fare Program


Alberta Works

Alberta Works provides a hand up when people need it to become self-reliant and better able to support their families.

Employment and Training Services

Income Support

Child Support Services and Health Benefits


Call our contact centre:

Toll Free: 1-866-644-5135 or

Edmonton area: 780-644-5135

Come in: Visit an Alberta Human Resources and Employment Service Centre

Alberta Health Services

Dental Public Health Clinics Program

Reduced-Fee Dental Care for Qualified Low-Income Clients

Basic dental care by qualified dentists which costs about 20% of the normal fee; urgent and emergency care.


Chumir Dental Clinic: Phone:403-955-6888, Fax:403-955-6899

1213-4th Street SW, Calgary, AB T2R0X7

Telephone the dental clinic above before going to the clinic to make an appointment to see if you qualify for reduced fee dental care.

For More Information and Forms to See if You Qualify:

Check our Website:

Holiday Resources

Hamper Programs

Salvation Army Hamper Program

Self-Referral Line: 403-410-1158

Mustard Seed

Self-Referral Line:403-263-3104 ext. 115

Holiday Parties

Calgary Firefighters Christmas Party

Deadline for applications is Nov 15. Party is on Dec 15. Referrals can be obtained from:

Child’s School

Salvation Army: 403-410-1158

Adopt-A-Family Programs

Kinettes Adopt-A-Family Program

Referrals can be obtained from:

Children’s schools, shelters and other social agencies that women are already connected with may do referrals your community resource centre

NE Calgary Adopt-A-Family Society

Referrals can be obtained from:

North of McKnight(403-293-0424)

Heat of the Northeast(403-293-5467)

Self-referral: 403-590-6656


Self-Referral Line: 403-209-1930

Care Connect

Self-Referral Line: 403-264-2636

For single mothers with Children.

People affected by the flood may be able to have a hamper.

They will need to provide proof.


Self-Referral Line: 403-206-1097

For low income families.

Note: A woman may also be able to access programs if she is connected to a social worker, a shelter, her children’s school or another community organization. Women can also call 2-1-1 for more holiday information.

After A Natural Disaster Guide

Recreation Assistance

  1. City of Calgary Recreation Fee Assistance

The Fee Assistance Program helps low-income individuals and families access recreation program and facilities at reduced rates. This includes the City of Calgary pools and fitness centres, leisure centres, and golf courses, as well as Cardel Place. To find out if you are eligible for this program, you can call 3-1-1. Google Fair Entry Calgary, or visit this website:

  1.   KidSport Calgary

KidSport helps low-income families with the cost of registration and equipment so children can participate in sports. This program is available to families in Calgary, as well as families who live in communities outside of Calgary. Formore information, call 403-202-0251 or visit the website:

  1. Jumpstart

The Canadian Tire Jumpstart program helps to cover the cost of equipment, registration and/or transportation to help children participate in sport and recreation programs. For more information, call 1-877-616-6600 or visit the website:

  1. Vecova (Formerly the VRRI)

3304-33rd ST N.W.

Vecova has a fee assistance program. If you require fee assistance for Vecova’s admission costs or registered programs, call 403-284-2231 or visit the website:

  1. Between Friends Club

The Between Friends Club has a financial assistance program for families with low income. If you require financial assistance, first register your child for the program or camp and then apply for financial assistance. Financial assistance must be in place before the program starts. Call 403-269-9133 for further information or visit the, website:

  1. YMCA

The YMCA has a Financial Assistance program to help families with low income. Visit one of their 4 locations in Calgary or print the form off the website:

Swimming Programs in Calgary

Between Friends Club

The Between Friends Club offers a variety of social and recreational activities such as swimming, bowling, dancing, and variety nights. For more information, visit or phone 403-269-9133

City of Calgary

With 12 aquatic and fitness centres, The City of Calgary is the largest provider of swim programs in the city. Each centre offers a variety of group swim lessons or private lessons. Call 403-268-3800 or visit

The City of Calgary also offers free or low-cost swimming at certain pools and on certain days. For more details visit:

Just Keep Swimming

The mission of Just Keep Swimming is teaching kids and youth with neurological or developmental disabilities to swim confidently, play safely and exercise comfortably in the water. For more information, call 587-888-6436 or visit:


Vecova is a public facility that provides recreation and leisure opportunities for Calgarians of all ages and abilities. It is located in the northwest, near the University of Calgary. Vecova has a specially-heated salt water pool and offers both group swim programs and private lessons. For more information, call 403-284-2231 or visit Vecova hosts free swim nights for families who are members of the Autism Calgary Association. For details and information on this schedule please contact the Autism Calgary Association office manager at 403-250-5173.

YMCA of Calgary

The YMCA offers aquatics programs for people as young as three months. Private and semi-private lessons are available as well. There are currently 5 YMCA branches in Calgary. Call 403-237-9622 or visit for further information.

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